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(This Pics' REAL Old)
Frank Devellano I
  Lillian Schell

(2nd )

Frank (first born)


Fred Ernest 

Frank II ( 3 Sons)

Terry +Karron
Tony  (3rd)

Terry Devellano  Jr.(Terry's Son) Tony FrankII 1st Born Tony Devellano and Family And Pauline
Shawn (20+) Michael 15+Hailey 11mths.
Tony (Franks 1st)+ SLK Matt ,Joey, Caitlin,
Tony  and Ben
Tony (Franks1st)+ SLK



Franks Daughter Caitlin + Son Damien


Tony (1st) + Isla   Sophia  the Christmas Iron Horse at the Discovery Forestry 2011 Museum.Isla Sophia Devellano.


Joey(2nd Born) and Cara and Brody 

March 2012

Ben + Matthew 

(Franks Twin Sons) 

 November 18, 2008

  Mary Somers Family
Mary Somers
Born 2nd

Always In Our Memory Dec. 1997





From Top down

Minnie (Nanny Sherk' Mother + Mary (Toodie)

Uncle Frank 17yrs + Aunt Maryanne 16yrs

April And Wendy

Wendy  and Maryanne (mom)

The two babies are Sandy and Linda

Melody , Sandy, Linda, April holding the ball

Melody Mechano ,Sandy Allen, Linda, April Hogg

Melody' comment:

THE VERY TOP pic – lady/girl – that is my mother with Nanny’s mother – my mother called her Minnie...that’s where I got my nick-name from

The two babies are Sandy and Linda

Bottom 4 girls – Me, Sandy, Linda, April holding the ball...
Picnic at Cherry beach where I got so sunburned I was very ill for days – nanny had to put dressings on my body – I would drift in/out of consciousness...probably couldn’t stand the pain.
At one point – my mother threw me into the lake – I landed flat on my back and the water was over my face – I landed hard so wind knocked out of me – I breathed in water....came out of lake and gave my mother a lashing.....yelled at her in all my 5 year old fury  ‘I COULD HAVE DROWNDED!!!”  She laughed so hard -






Cousins Reunion

Terry, Melody And Frank 2003

Melody 2012

Melody and Jordan  Xmas 2006


Melody + Jim Xmas 2006

Sara Melody And Jordan 




Ziggy& Cody 2001


NEIL, GARRISON, SARA, GRIFFIN OATES XMAS 2005  (Griffin 2 yrs)  & Garrison (5 1/2 months)        

Click Here For Sara's Art Studio                


Melody And (Griffin 2 yrs)  & Garrison (5 1/2 months)




Melody and JuneFrank, Sandy, June and Frank Sr. 2005

Michael, Matt And Sandy

Michael + Janine Allen Dec 2008

Matthew (Sandy's son)

Matt & April Jordan+Melody April & Sandy Sandy & Wendy

Sandy And Matt Dec 2007 

Constable Matthew Dec 2007

Wendy Virtue (Toodi's 4th)  
Jennifer Allen (Sandy's 1st)  
June Devellano  
Sandy Allen  (Toodi's 2nd)  
Linda Dove (Lillian's 4th)  
April Hogg (Toodi's 4th)   
Yvette  Simpson (Linda's 1st)  
Shondra Virtue(Wendy's 2nd)

Curtis Hogg
Charles Hogg
Shane Virtue
Jackson Dove
I need photos!

Cassidy 8 yrs (2006)

Linda Dove (Lillian's 4th Born)

Brandon 11 yrs (2006)


Yvette + Baby Lily Mae 2 1/2yrs 

  (named after Nanny Sherk ) 

(Linda Dove's Daughter + Baby)


Frank And June Devellano Hosted This 

 Family Gathering In Fenwick Casa Vellano

Back To Front Left to Right:

Frank II, Linda Dove, Fred II. Roger , Tiffany, Mary, June, Rose

Jackson (Linda's son) + Brandon (Yvettes son), 

 Fred Devellano
Mary Le Souder

 Mothers Maiden Name Was Doig

Fred Devellano I  

(Born 3rd - 20 yrs old)  and Died Oct 1 2013

   Mary LeSouder  ( 20 yrs old)

( Little Self  Indulgence Here With His Mom)


Dec 26 2009  Xmas


Sherri Lee

Always In Our Memory 

March 6,1959 - March 7, 2000

Click Here For A Tribute To Sherri and My Mom

Dec 25 2008 

Fred and Mary Host Xmas


Dec 2010

Dec 25 2011

Dec 25 2012


St. Marie Lesouder )Guilbert)

Always In Our Memory 

November 13 1936 - August 7, 2004

Claude Guilbert And Mary Guilbert 1996









Joshua Pennell 

Born August 24 2009


Fred and Mary 2012

Fred Mary Roger And Tiffany 2004


Grampa Freds Twin

Lucas 1st Haircut Oct 2008

Tiffany+Lucas+Roger Born Dec 14 2007

Lucas Nikola Pennell


1st Birthday Party

Tami Watchurst 2007
(Fred II 's Sister) Jonathan,Alexander,Maxton 

Click This Link For Alexander's Essay On Cancer



Sherri & Tami 
And Mary 
(Our Mom)


Sherri+Mary Villamagna-Devellano +Fred Devellano

In Los Angelos Hotel 

Across From Selznick Studios

If you're a fan of classic motion pictures, you will immediately recognize the studio's colonial mansion from the opening credits of the David O. Selznick International productions, such as "Gone With the Wind," and "Duel in the Sun."


Tiffany & Roger Pennell 
(Fred's daughter married Nov 12 2005)

Tiffany And Melody

Michael  Devellano
(Fred's FirstBorn)
     Burned Media Natural Sales Book




Michael & Brianna Rain King, 2005

Brianna's 1st Movie

Tiger Too 

Brianna & Mary 1998

Michael  Devellano's 1st  
Freds first born grandaughter!
Brianna Rain King (Devellano)

Brianna Rain King  2006

Brianna & Fred 1998

D.O.B Dec 11 1998

Freds first born grandaughter!
Brianna Rain King (Devellano)

Brianna Gets A Kiss 2005


Brianna Rain King (Devellano) Gets A New Bike 2006


Brianna Rain King 2013


Great Grandma Mary And Brianna 2005


  Frank and June Family Visit August 2004  
Frank (Sings) Frank and June August 2004 Aunt June Nov 2004
April & Frank Sr. April June Frank Wendy Frank Sr Melody Sandy Is In Place Next

Fred And Frank Devellano Jr. 2004

Fred & Frank Sr. Sing At Villa Vellano

June Devellano 2004

Frank Sr. June, Fred Poolside

Tony, Fred And Terry Jr. 2007


Frank and Sons And Nephew 2009


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